Young and Hungry

Holy Guacamole

Mexican food and various gourmet interpretations of it have exploded in the past year. And in the process, so have the average tabs at the joints serving it. Here's how prices at some of the city's most popular and newest "Hip-Mex" joints stack up:

  • Typical DC BS

    Good to see Lauriol Plaza going strong on the prices!

  • Triviamaven

    You left off Rosa Mexicano - their guac is $14!!

  • SWMLuvah

    The ba!!z on some restauranteurs these days amazes me. I know food costs are high, but THIS HIGH? Redonk.

  • dave b

    Good news is there are tons of other good cheap mexican restaurants in the city/area. Actually that goes for almost any hot new cuisine du jour. You dont need to go to these toolbag celeb chef restaurants.

    Can you do a column on the correlation of the celeb chef boom and the over complication/pricing of normally cheap basic food. People seem to always want authentic food. You know what, how about not going to Jersey Mike Isabella's Mexican restaurant or Likely-Not-From-The-Northeast Spike Mendelsohn's pizza place? Why do people want to "slum it" it fancily? If I want expensive food, it will be lobster or steak, not tacos or pizza.

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