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Barcade Becomes Atlas Arcade

After running into some trademark issues, the H Street NE bar formerly home to Fruit Bat has changed its name from Barcade to Atlas Arcade.

Owner Erik Holzherr held a contest to come up with the name on the blog Frozen Tropics. The winner will receive $150 in quarters, and the runner-ups—Drunky Kong, Princess Barstool, Atlas Chugged, Raygun Era—will get two free drinks. In a letter posted on Frozen Tropics last night, the Atlas Arcade team says it also would like to buy a beer for the cheeky anonymous commenter who submitted the name "For Lease."

What do you think of the name?

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  • thefrontpage

    It's okay--but just okay. I liked mine better--Arcadia. Yes, yes, some call the H Street district "the Atlas district," after an old theater there--but in reality, very few people use that term. More people call the area the H Street Corridor. In fact, The H Street Arcade would have been a great name, too! But Atlas Arcade is only okay. Arcadia--now there's a good name!