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Balls! Meatballs in Penn Quarter Closes

Add one more name to the long list of restaurant closures this month: Meatballs in Penn Quarter has shut down.

The spot has been mired in controversy since it opened at 624 E St. NW in November. Citronelle and Central chef Michel Richard was supposedly behind the fast casual restaurant, but all the business documents indicated that it was in fact BGR: The Burger Joint owner Mark Bucher, who emphatically denied that he was a partner and tried to avoid public affiliation with the project. Instead, Bucher claimed he was merely advising a friend.

After the negative reviews that followed, Richard tried to distance himself from the restaurant. Now, Richard's publicist, Mel Davis, tells Y&H that "Michel is not involved with it. He was only ever minimally involved."

No word yet from Bucher. We'll update when we have more information.

Photo by Jessica Sidman

  • Jane

    You could tell Meatballs wasn't long for this world once it came out that nobody was willing to admit they owned it.

  • Bertranou’s ghost

    Michel Richard is a fraud! I am not surprised he cannot even make a decent meatball. In LA he was a pastry chef, he still is. DC just doesn't know any better.

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  • Andrew

    Weird, it seemed pretty tasty to me. Why would you want to run away from a place?

  • “Bring that ball, Meat!”

    Meatballers and rookie pitchers--two things that have very short careers.

  • Anon

    Good riddance...

  • Nicole Nova

    B's ghostie, that's a rather overheated statement in view of Richard's accomplishments since the original Citronelle in Santa Barbara.

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