Young and Hungry

Bacon Desserts That Are Actually Good

Don't waste your $2.49 on Burger King's new bacon sundae. Instead, there are some legit bacon-infused sweets around town actually worth the money and calories:

Toffee-bacon donuts, Birch & Barley, $6

Peanut butter bacon pop tart, Ted's Bulletin, $3.30

Flapjack maple brown butter cupcake with caramel buttercream and candied bacon, Baked & Wired, $3.85

Maple bacon ice cream sandwich with waffle cookie, Sugar Magnolia, $3.50

Pecan and bacon pie with chocolate ice cream, Chef Geoff's, $7.95

Know of others? Add 'em in the comments.

Birch & Barley donuts photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Blake

    Two good ones:

    Crunkcakes makes a bacon maple bourbon cupcake, with a shot of what I believe is Jim Beam and real bacon bits both in the batter and sprinkled on the icing. It tastes like a Tennessee breakfast. I had mine at Sova.

    Shaw's Tavern also has an awesome bacon scone as a part of its pastry basket, and while the scone itself is savory, it's accompanied by a German chocolate sweet roll, a chocolate banana muffin and a couple of other sweet bread items. At $8, it's enough for two to avoid buying brunch entrees altogether.

  • Dave

    Sugar Magnolia's bacon ice cream sandwich is not good. Ice cream was good, but they are pre-made and the waffle is frozen and then as you eat it turns to this bland mush. They would have been better off using a peanut butter cookie.