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Cocktails on Tap: The Next Big Thing

Put it on tap, and it's officially trendy.

Two weeks ago in the print edition of Washington City Paper, we rounded up five restaurants offering drinks other than beer and wine on draft. Then last week, we discussed how Jackie Greenbaum's forthcoming Columbia Heights Mexican joint El Chucho will join Bandolero in offering margaritas on tap. Now, Y&H learns that Policy has introduced a strawberry-rhubarb collins on tap with four more cocktail draft lines to be installed soon.

Policy GM Jordan Davidowitz says he makes the carbonated drink with strawberry-infused vodka, rhubarb simple syrup, and "clarified" lemon juice. The $8 drink is served with a basil sugar rim and strawberry on the side.

In two weeks to a month, Policy will install a more permanent cocktail draft rig at its bar. Davidowitz is looking to include a gin and tonic, watermelon collins with mint, a tequila drink, and possibly a whiskey cocoction. The on-draft cocktails will change seasonally.

Who's next? Let us know if you hear of other places offering cocktails on tap in the comments.

Photo courtesy of Policy

  • Ash

    Toki Underground has a house sake on tap!

  • tomaj

    i ask again--is this a good thing? or even an interesting thing? are we so bored that having a drink on tap is cool, and we need to make a collection of places that do it?

    another name for "house sake on tap" is "box sake". pretty much every pan-asian restaurant (like cafe asia, temple, etc) has a big box of sake sitting over a dispenser that heats it to the proper (adjustable) temperature and dispenses it into a flask. that's house sake, and it usually tastes as good as you can imagine box sake would taste.

  • Erik

    Hey Tomaj,

    we actually have house sake on tap. We run it through a keg that goes through the co2 that carbonates the sake as it pours out like a beer. And the bonus is unlike most asian restaurants in the area all of our sake is only imported from japan even our hot sake and our draft sake.

    Chef Erik Yang.

  • caw

    I've had margaritas 'on tap' for years now, it's called a margarita machine ... This is just clever marketing, nothing new here. Mix a big batch of something and then pour it out of a spigot. Ta da!

  • Jordan

    This is not marketing although it has brought some of attention. This is giving us the ability to offer a craft cocktail in a matter of seconds and offer it to the masses and have a consistent product. This is not just not just a simple prebatch, this is fresh strawberries infused over days, rhubarb steeped in simple syrup and a case of fresh squeezed fresh lemon juice clarified. It is then mixed and forced-carbonated just like brewers do in the beer kegging process. The whole product is carbonated, alcohol,juice, and syrup which provides a great mouthfeel. It is then garnished with basil sugar and fresh strawberry.Spring/summer in a glass, go to any bar int the city with a group of your friends and it will take 5-10 minutes to make that for you. We have already put in the time before we open the door and the great thing is the co2 and n2o helps preserve the product so I do not have to add any oddities.

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