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Marcel’s Removes $32,800 check from Facebook

There was plenty of buzz Wednesday after Marcel's posted the receipt for a $32,800 bill (including a $10,000 tip) on its Facebook page with a note reading "a very good night for our Captains." The post has since been removed from Facebook.

What gives? Restaurant publicist Simone Rathle says a staff member put it up, and chef/restaurateur Robert Wiedmaier wasn't too happy about it. Rathle explains:

Robert Wiedmaier asked to have it taken down, because it has been a policy since the restaurant opened that we are to be discreet about personal matters with our guest. Marcel's has a traditional approach to servicing their clientele and that is to respect their privacy. It is not the way Marcel's does business and that was a mistake to have placed it on-line. Some things are just not made for public knowledge. Marcel's does not ever want the guest to feel that his or her next dish or next glass of wine is the next tweet. That is not what Marcel's is about at all. As quick as it went up it came down. There is more value in keeping all happenings in house then to make for public knowledge as the loyalty of the guest is their priority.

Washingtonian ran a poll on its food blog to ask what readers thought of the restaurant posting a big spender's bill. The biggest number of respondents—43 percent—called it "totally classless."

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  • areader

    It looks like more than $20,000 of this tab was for a few bottles of wine. (Less than $1000 was for food.) It would be interesting to hear from an expert what these wines were and what their market value might be (that is, the store price without the restaurant's markup).

  • Shameless

    What a shame. I figured the place had more class than that, but has no more class than any corner McDonalds. What next, cameras in the bathroom so they can post the footage to facebook?

    I would usually take clients there a couple times a month, and while the total amount of money I've spent at the place never came close to that one bill for them, I will never go back. They've lost my business for ever.

  • dennis dinkel

    What would possess a restaurant worker to do something so stupid as to post a customer's bill online? I hope that person was fired -- or soon is. He or she certainly deserves termination -- for sheet stupidity, if nothing else.