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Toki Underground Collaborating on Food and Fashion Market

Toki Underground is teaming up with D.C.-based clothing brand DURKL on a fashion and food market called Maketto in a two story space at 1351 H St. NE—a block from chef Erik Bruner-Yang's restaurant. The Washington Post revealed the news in a story about the real estate crowdsource site Popularize, and Eater provides a few more details.

Here's a description of the project from Popularize:

The concept will be based around an inviting market place environment spearheaded by collaboration between the creators of DURKL and Toki Underground; combining both fashion and food, while at the same time giving local vendors an opportunity to market and sell their products.

We believe that H Street is ready for something new and different. A space that will operate both day and night, during the week and on weekends, providing an offering as diverse as the neighborhood itself. We think of it like a new age Eastern Market. We are excited about the potential possibilities for this project, and look forward to further developing the concept with the input and support of our future customers.

We'll update with more details as they're available.

Photo via Google Maps

  • wylie coyote

    new age eastern market?


    durkl sells sunglasses and shirts.

    i wish them luck. this definitely sounds...different.

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    What a joke ! Some rich kids in NW do a site, offer people hope and reveals SIX months ago this deal was made. They were never interested in what H Street residents wanted, Toki wasn’t even in the top 10. The contest was fraudulent, just trying to get press and bambousal hard working people in a rigged contest. I find their ” contest” disrespectful of H Street residents, contestant entrants and NE. I for one won’t support the bussiness or the building. They took a restaurant we already have on H street and made it bigger ohhh how orginal, just ground breaking Richie Riches! They wasted hard working people’s time, effort and disrespected contestants trust and hope.

    Shame on these NW vultures the Millers, Durkel and
    on Eric Yang / Toki Underground for being a party to a rigged contest.

    This isn’t H Street originality and come back spirit, it’s Georgetown rich kids screw you attitude. No thanks, I’ll spend my money on those with pride and respect, real H Street.

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