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Armand’s Closing in Tenleytown

After 37 years of business, Armand’s Pizza in Tenleytown will serve its last pie on June 30.

“Our rent is very expensive—$12,000 a month,” says owner Ron Newmyer, son of the restaurant's founder. “The cost of doing business these days is very, very different than even ten years ago.”

Armand’s Pizza has five additional locations in Virginia and D.C. (plus one in Delaware), which will all remain open (Newmyer's family operates two; the others are franchised). But Tenleytown was the first.

The closing was first reported by NBC Washington.

Ron's father Lew Newmyer opened Armand's in 1975. “It was the first deep dish pizza in Washington, D.C.,” says Ron Newmyer. “It was the first place in D.C. where people took pizza seriously. Before that, pizza was something you got in a bar and ate while getting a pitcher of beer.”

Celebrities took notice.

Amy Carter celebrated her birthday at Armand's at Tenleytown in 1977. Chelsea Clinton did the same in 1994.

Michelle Obama was at the pizzeria two years ago.

The restaurant will host one last birthday bash on June 10. That's when founder Lew Newmyer turns 90.

“[It’s] bitter sweet,” says Ron Newmyer. “Happy he’s turning 90, sad that we’ll be down to our last twenty days. Didn’t expect he would live longer than the business.”

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  • Aimee

    What a shame - haven't been to my DC in a while, but that was an institution! I hope I can visit before they serve the last one...

  • just sayin’

    My earliest DC pizzas all came from here. Sad.

  • jim

    I worked for Lew as a teenager when Lew had Armands Subway.Armands made authentic subs Lew was a marketing genius, his 6 foot sub eating contest were legendary.I remember when Armands Pizza first opened. They would make heart shaped pizzas on Valentines Day.What great memories.

  • Cheryl (Laskin) Hjelt

    Hello Newmeyer family....I'm sad to hear about the closing but thrilled to read about Lou's dad would have loved to be there.
    Cheryl Laskin Hjelt

  • David Laskin

    Dear Newmeyers. This story is so bittersweet. As my sister Cheryl said, dad would have loved to have been there as would I. Santa Barbara is kind of far away, however. Ronnie, I remember your dad letting me be the cook on Saturdays and Sundays at the old SubWay on Conneticut Ave in the 70's. Best teenage job I had!!!!

    Much love to the family,

    David Laskin

  • Ashok


    I worked as an usher at the Avalon Theatre while in college during the 70's, and Lew used to come by all the time and chat with us. He was quite a pioneer in the DC Pizza scene and had many fond memories of him.