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Pig’s Blood Ice Cream Sundae

For those with a vampire fetish (or merely a chocolate one), Logan Circle's new eatery The Pig is offering a chocolate ice cream sundae made with real pig's blood. The $6 dessert is appropriately called the "Sundae Bloody Sundae."

Chef Garret Fleming explains that the blood is a substitute for egg yolks, which are used in many ice cream recipes to turn cream into a smooth custard.

"It's based on an ancient Italian recipe for blood pudding," Fleming says. "I'm a lover of food history. When I came upon that, I knew I was going to do it."

The local butchers that Fleming sources from can't legally sell him pig's blood. But it is available in yogurt-like containers at some Asian markets. When his sous chef picked it up, he got some suspicious looks for saying, "I'd like ten gallons of your pig's blood."

Fleming tells Y&H that there's just as much blood in the recipe as there is chocolate and that it gives the ice cream a subtle "minerality" like really good dark chocolate.

I can't say I've ever had straight-up pig's blood, but whatever it tastes like is pretty well masked behind the heavy chocolate and touch of Grand Marnier. The consistency is more like a dense mousse than ice cream. It's so rich and so sweet that I can only stomach a few bites before surrendering my spoon. My sweet-toothed dining companion manages a few more, but together we can only finish half of it.

The ice cream is served in a tall glass with ginger whipped cream, a brandied cherry, and a thick chunk of spicy/salty/sweet bacon peanut brittle, which sticks to your teeth (though I'm willing to blame it's lack of crunchiness on the 70 percent humidity on the night we tried it).

Overall, the novelty is more exciting than the actual dessert. But then again, it's pretty fun to tell your friends you ate pig's blood ice cream.

Photo by Jessica Sidman

  • FoodBornDisEase

    Remember when food wasn't a competition?

  • JB

    This is sick and cruel. Why would any compassionate persons eat this blood ice cream?

  • Solrac

    What do you suggest we do with pig blood, jb?

  • Allison

    Pigs are as smart as dogs, and this trite little blog about fat slobs eating their blood in a sundae is repulsive.

  • Marrowbonez

    I don't understand what the problem is with this. This chef is finding a new and creative way to use a part of the animal that seldom gets used (at least in the US)and would probably get thrown out in a lot of cases. To me, that is commendable.

  • Vira

    Waste not want not, right? I think it's a fabulous use for a part of the animal that would otherwise go to waste.

  • kelizki

    I had this last night and it was incredible. Didn't pick up on the menu reference to blood and thought it was just a super-custardy ice cream. The restaurant says they do nose-to-tail and I think it's admirable to waste as little as possible. If you find it cruel, you won't like the restaurant overall, though they have multiple vegetarian/vegan options.

  • emily

    I wish this was closer to me! I've had fried pigs blood before and it was delicious. It's nice to see a US company using the blood instead of letting it go to waste.

  • James

    They weren't really letting it go to waste, they got it from an Asian market that sold it in yogurt cups.