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Flying Dog v. Marion Barry

Yesterday Flying Dog Brewery tweeted an image poking fun at D.C. Councilman Marion Barry's former improprieties. The poster, which features Barry alongside the phrase, "Crack one open D.C.," uses memories of his 1990 drug arrest to promote a release party this weekend for the Maryland brewery's first ever canned beer, UnderDog Atlantic Lager.

Perhaps not surprisingly, today a lawyer representing the former mayor called Flying Dog to ask the brewery to cease and desist. Fair enough. The party is this Saturday from 2 to 7:30 p.m. on the roof deck at Jack Rose, so the poster will be obsolete within 24 hours anyway.

In addition to cans of UnderDog, a 4.7 percent alcohol-by-volume light lager, there will be six other Flying Dog beers featured on draft. Wise-cracks and decades-old jokes aside, sounds like the perfect summer party.

Image from Flying Dog

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  • Gemal Woods

    Hipsters strike again.

  • free

    I don't know why whites make Marion Barry cracks. Barry did more for them than he did for poor blacks.
    During the Barry years, white real estate investors over ran downtown, the Metro built subway lines to Virginia (while blacks east or the river to old unreliable buses), and the police flew into NW for purse snatching and slow rolled into SE for violent domestic calls.
    Baryy bashing only came after Barry and his cronies ran the city into the ground so badly that even the yuppies and business owners couldn't float above the mess.
    Shame on you, pampered hipster douches for kicking a ridiculous man when he's no longer useful to you.

  • DC Resident

    Free, most pampered hipster douches were not born yet when Barry was smoking crack and womanizing (assuming, of course, that no longer occurs). The only real memories pampered hipster douches have of Barry are for Tax evasion, more recent (and minor) drug offenses, his lax interest in actually representing his Ward (unless he needs something from them) and his recent racist remarks about every other cultural group in Washington. They have no reason to revere his earlier civil rights days (which have largely been dulled by his own peers as years pass) and they could not possibly recollect the DC of the 70's and 80's. All pampered hipster douches have seen is the Barry who represents mostly himself and does little to present the District as a place deserving of statehood.

    It's hard to blame pampered hipster douches, or any one else for that matter, for embarrassing him. After all, he embarrasses everyone else.

  • free

    If the pampered hipsters weren't around for the crack and womanizing- why are they joking about it?
    I think you missed the point entirely, kneejerk.

    Your excuse for the hipsters doesn't serve them well. Again, you have people who were the least effected by Barry and his highjinks- making the most jokes. Part of the reason it is so funny to you is that you see it as other people's problem and other people's fault. That is until the crime and mess spilled over.
    As for statehood- hipster shouldn't blame Barry too much for that. The fact is, those in the parents and "spiritual parents" of todays hipster didn't want statehood. They loved the life that being under the the Federal Government provided. The lived in Washington DC. Statehood advocates lived in "the District".
    It tended to be the poor and blacks who equated Federal control with plantations and overseers.

  • nope

    Free, you make no sense at all. Marion Barry is a bum. That is common knowledge. Stop making this a race issue. The beer company made a joke about the guy on an ad is all, no one is attacking him. End of story, who cares?

  • Sinking Ships

    Marion Barry is not a bum. Only the insecure would think or say such a thing.

  • seeseehpounder

    "If the pampered hipsters weren't around for the crack and womanizing- why are they joking about it?"

    Maybe because he was arrested for smoking crack while being the Mayor? Free, do you think that maybe that's why Barry is such a joke? Or that he doesn't pay taxes while getting paid by the tax payers. Or the whole Denver thing about wanting his dick sucked. Or the stalking arrest? Barry is a joke, that's the joke. If you want to use Barry to promote a racial cause you are doing it a great dis-service. It seems that the best thing to use Barry to promote is an alcohol product.

  • er

    so one beer company makes fun of marion barry and it's not okay because some white developers made money durring his administration. absurd connection. the flying dog people are old enough to remember barry's crack bust. they started their first brew pub in 1990. the hipster slam is stupid. so is suggesting that barry is a bum. it's like racial partisan politics in some of y'alls minds isn't it.

    but come on, the poster is funny.

  • ben

    Stop saying "hipster". DC has no real hipsters. A hipster is a dude in Williamsburg who works part time in a coffee shop and focuses his energy on his Post-grindcore-core project, or on his video art or whatever. If you actually talk to any of DC's "hipsters" (identified by their skinny jeans, or their choice of beer, or whatever the fuck you've decided to identify them by), you'll quickly find that most of them are working policy jobs, or as lawyers, or studying for the bar, or applying to law school. I'm making generalizations here, but still. Stop saying "hipster". (That goes for you too, Citypaper writers - next time you write "hipster", you have to put a nickel in the jar.)

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  • Name

    PUh-leeze. The blue and orange lines have been in NE/SE DC since the beginning of the system. Black folks didn't want to give up their buses because they were cheaper, not because white folks "were keeping them down". Same problem exists today: the buses undercut the revenue from the trains so that black folks like to have their lives subsidized by white folks.


  • NovaNicole

    I'm looking forward to "Bitch set me up" lager.