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A Pizzeria On H Street, H & Pizza, To Open In June

Yes, the District is gaining yet another pizzeria. According to a press release, H & Pizza (the project formerly known as Kith & Kin) is aiming to open June 1 in the former Birdland space at 1118 H St. NE, right next to Taylor Gourmet.

Co-owner Michael Lastoria tells Y&H via email that the place will be firing up made-to-order gourmet pizzas using an assembly line-style of ordering.  "Customers will move along a service line and customize their pizza according to flavor preference and diet," Lastoria writes. "We have been working on our product for two years now and been sourcing local ingredients since last July.  The pizza will be unique in its preparation and shape – one size fits all – so we won’t be selling by the slice."

Lastoria adds that the name change has to do with the proprietors' newfound love for their adopted neighborhood: "One day [co-owner] Steve [Salis] called me up to find out where I was and I jokingly said, 'At the corner of H Street and pizza.' From that day on, we were H &pizza."

Full announcement below:


WASHINGTON, D. C. – After two years of testing pies and processes, H & pizza is
targeting June 1st, 2012 for their grand opening.

"We love fresh pizza. And when we want it, we want it fast!” says H & pizza's co-owner
Steve Salis. The native New Yorker's mission is to provide fresh, natural, fast, filling and
delicious pizza. Salis along with longtime friend and co-owner Michael Lastoria aggressively
pursued the former Birdland space next to Taylor Gourmet on H Street. The Atlas District
is a natural fit for their vision of a neighborhood pizza joint; a place where food lovers can
enjoy gourmet tastes without grandiose prices.

Pizza lovers in the district can walk up to H & pizza's counter and choose from traditional,
whole-wheat or 9-grain dough. H &pizza will offer five types of house made sauces and
house made whole-milk mozzarella, made fresh daily. Customers can then decorate their
pies with a wide range of fresh, locally sourced ingredients compatible with any dietary
need. Pizza's are topped and then blast-fired in H &pizza's oven, ready to eat in the time it
takes you to pull up a chair and greet your friends.

H &pizza proudly prohibits pre-made pies, re-heating of pies and compromising
quality. Salis and Lastoria agree, "We're two guys passionately committed to creating great

Hours: 11AM – 9PM Sunday – Thursday. 11AM – 3AM Friday & Saturday.

For updates and opening details:
Find H &pizza on Facebook & follow H &pizza on Twitter @andpizza

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  • Mario

    But what about this “blast-fired” oven? Any chump can find locally-sourced ingredients, but when it comes to actually COOKING a pizza, they opt for that horrific conveyer-belt style oven, or they try their hand at wood-burning only to realize they don’t have the chops. The result is a pizza that may have provenance among the organic set, but will taste absolutely like crap. The fact that the press release spoke very little of the oven makes me think this place isn’t serious.
    If someone opened a place in DC with a NYC-style coal oven, only THEN would the mention of a new pizza place be actually noteworthy.

  • monkeyrotica

    Yeah, the coal-fired pizzas are SO much better in NYC, particularly Guido's on Bleeker. I don't even bother eating them anywhere else. Not even Naples, Italy. They don't know WTF they're doing over there. And don't get me started on their lousy gabbagool.

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  • devon bennett

    i tasted the food and it was mighty good but i need a job so are you hiring

  • David

    Just left H&Pizza. I don't understand??? WHy is it so good and affordable. I'm ADDICTED!!!!!