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Pizza: Sooo Hot Right Now

The margherita at 2Amys

Newsflash: people like pizza. A lot. Maybe more now than ever.

According to a recent poll by the food industry research group Technomic, 41 percent of consumers say they’re now gobbling up a slice or two at least once a week, compared to 26 percent just two years ago—a new stat that's sure to please all the proprietors of pizza parlors in the District. And there are plenty.

Literally, as I type this, another one is opening: Fuel Pizza, the North Carolina-based New York-style pie chain, was scheduled to unlock the doors to its second D.C. location in Penn Quarter at precisely 4 p.m. The first 50 people in line have been promised free food for a year. (Here's a look at how that shitshow was developing a little while ago.)

Last week saw at least two other additions to the city's rapidly expanding savory pie sector: La Forchetta in Wesley Heights and Pizzaro in Shaw. More are on the way. This includes nomadic pizzaiolo Edan MacQuaid's forthcoming wood-fired oven joint on 14th Street.

For a guy who snacked on two different pies on Monday alone, Y&H finds it hard to argue with all this mounting evidence of a continuing pizza boom with no clear end in sight. In an interview with the Huffington Post, George Mason econ prof and prolific food blogger Tyler Cowen points to pizza as one of the two most "dynamic sectors" of D.C.'s developing food scene. The other is burgers. (Correction: This post originally misspelled Cowen's last name.)

It's clear to some that we, as a city, haven't had nearly enough of the classic grilled beef on a bun. Ditto the crusty saucy cheesy stuff.

Y&H wants to know: are you over it yet?

  • Widness

    Tyler Cowen

  • Blake

    As a "trend," yes, I'm over it. But when you lead with a picture of 2Amys Margherita—which is one of DC's few perfect foods—I can't say I don't want some right now.

  • Jane

    I eat it maybe three times a year so it never loses its appeal. However, local rankings and reviews don't give the details I need. Could we get a more broken-down list? Who has the best tomato sauce? The best meat lover's? The thickest, chewiest crust? Best cheese?

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  • EP Sato

    WOW, this article's a bit late. The Burger and pizza trend started several years ago. If I might add, Spike Mendelsohn, who the City Paper seems to dislike for some reason, was on the crest of both of those waves. 2 Amys and 5 guys were on the ball first, but they didn't open in places where people were starving for their food. On the other hand, Spike's pizza and burger joints opened on the Hill, where the dining options had for years been notoriously lacking.

    DC had LOOOOOONG been a pizza hole, with our only offering being those nasty jumbo slices from Adams Morgan that nobody in their right mind eats sober. I grew up in a college town about half the size of DC, yet we had better Mexican food (another trend DC's finally getting on), better pizza and better gourmet burgers than DC. And mind you, I've been here for 12 years now so these observations are nothing new.

    Thanks to Jose Andres, Michel Richard and other big name chefs, DC's become a foodie town. Or better said, DC's restaurants now respect that this is a foodie town.

    As for the gentrification and soon to be restaurant culture of Anacostia, I'd just like to add "no duh." There's a lack of mid priced homes and condos in DC's other sectors. Anacostia's got a Metro, the big chair, highway access and a LOT of empty and abandoned properties just waiting to get developed. There's even a magnet school literally across the street from the Metro station. What, were there people out there who DIDN'T think this area was going to get hot? Even the City Paper's neighborhood assessments always rank Anacostia high. And just wait until the papers, developers and business owners discover Hillcrest...

  • Jim

    I will never be over Pizza and Burgers.

  • monkeyrotica

    DC's love affair with burnt pizza soup served in an authentic nursery atmosphere knows no bounds.

  • Mike Licht

    Pizza cupcakes. When you see that food truck coming, run the other way.

  • Keith B.

    Spike's an asshole and his burgers suck -- there's two reasons for you, EP!

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