Young and Hungry

College Kids Still Fascinated With Jumbo Slice

Yes, the dining options in Adams Morgan are much improved these days, what with the recent additions of Smoke & Barrel, Mellow Mushroom and Mintwood Place, among other new venues. And yet, the densely liquor-licensed neighborhood continues to garner attention for one particular form of solid sustenance, the jumbo slice. Case in point: this new YouTube video by College Foodie TV, which devotes an entire seven-minute-plus segment to the foot-long-plus pizza slices at Pizza Mart.

Check out the full video below—or, for an even more in-depth look at Adams Morgan's most widely recognizable foodstuff, read City Paper alum Dave Jamieson's definitive 2004 cover story on the subject, "The Big Cheese," here.

  • Roan

    Thanks for the short piece on my food series. I was truly surprised to see 80 views of the Pizza Mart video. I know that's literally nothing in terms of the numbers some clips get on Youtube, but I haven't advertised anything or even put the word out about the channel or the website. New ep in A/M next week.
    Thanks again.

  • deisehost