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SŪNA Is Coming SŪNA-ish To Eastern Market

Toki Underground's Erik Bruner-Yang today dished up the previously secret location of his forthcoming eatery with partner Ari Gejdenson of Acqua Al 2 and chef Johnny Spero: "sŪna," he writes in an email, "will be in eastern market." The location makes sense: that's Gejdenson's turf. Tickets are still available for the upcoming eight-course $119-per-person pop-up preview of the new restaurant, scheduled to open in "Winter of 2012."  In other words, sŪna-ish. The pop-up takes place sŪna-er: Mar. 21 through Mar. 25. As further enticement, Bruner-Yang sent along some tantalizing photos of the food. This one here is the short rib.

Photo by Natalia Moreno


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    I bet it'll be in the space above Aqua al 2

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    Or the old (*sniff*) Ba Bay space.

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    or old art galery next to port city

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    Space next to box car maybe?

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