Young and Hungry

Last Night’s Leftovers: Philanthropub Edition

The Tropics at Crepes on the Corner

Enzo Fargione's Elisir is over the top. [Washingtonian]

Requiring D.C. food trucks to collect sales tactics has logistical challenges. [Post]

Bistro Bohem opens next week, serving absinthe, pierogies and other stuff. [Urban Daddy]

Loose-lipped Giada De Laurentiis doesn't spoil Mike Isabella's news this time. [Examiner]

Sundevich will try serving breakfast in April. [Best Bites]

Call it a "philanthropub": Cause Bar and Restaurant will donate all its profits to charity. [Prince of Petworth]

The Queen Vic opens early on St. Patrick's Day. [Frozen Tropics]

The Occidental is a little less noisy now. [PR Web]

  • food trucks

    Food trucks have enjoyed a tilted field and have been fighting changes to vendors laws tooth and nail for the past year. So if one is fine with competition, why have street vendors been screaming bloody murder for the past year?

    Frankly, I suggested to Evans and the Council that street vendors (not just food trucks, all of them) should be paying a BID tax as well. I don't own a brick and mortar but I would be livid if I had to pay thousands a year to a BID to beautify the neighborhood, pay for street trash pickup and landscaping only to have food trucks roll in every day and leave their trash all over the streets and the trash cans full that the brick and mortars are paying to clean up.

    Food trucks have had a good run, 70% of them are not even DC owned businesses. VA, MD, NY businesses drive into town every day. They make a mint, trash the streets that local businesses pay extra to maintain, then take their profits home with them at night to (VA, MD, NY) to be taxed there. The District has gotten absolutely nothing out of the deal. So please tell me as a tax paying District resident why I should give 2 beans about the so called "plight" of the street vendor who whines about his unfair advantage being taken away? But hey, if I was Pepes sandwich truck, selling $20 untaxed sandwiches out of my truck, I would cry like a child too.

    And talk about petulant whining...street vendors readily admit they already remit sales tax for business they do in VA and MD, so the whining about having to do it in DC just makes me roll my eyes.

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