Young and Hungry

Did This Burger Change Your Life?

Square One burger with Swiss at Black & Orange

Inspired by New York Times critic Pete Wells' recent review of Shake Shack, Esquire is conducting a poll of its readers to find out, "What's the most life-changing burger joint in America?" A couple of local standouts, including D.C.'s Black & Orange, regional-turned-national chain Five Guys and Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington, have earned a place among the nominees.

Y&H wants to know: Have any of these burgers really changed your life?

  • Rachel

    Ray's definitely has!

  • Grumpy

    I'll tell ya who didn't: Elevation Burger

    They should change the name to 'Not much different than Checker's' Burger.


  • Blake

    Saint Ex's awesome burger is perennially overlooked in the DC burger wars. Yes, the place is overpriced, often crowded and inexplicably popular given the other two charges, but damn! That's an awesome burger!

  • kathy kyle

    i love the basil-rific black and orange burger! go ahead! get a big one. super juicy, fresh ingredients, perfect bun. i unfortunately wasn't impressed with ray's hellburger bleu cheese burger. kinda lackluster for all the hype (i was excited about that one, too.)

    ps: try those dipping sauces at b&o. super delish.

  • maddy

    TheStandard! Life changing? Maybe not, but pretty. damn. delicious.

  • Vinay

    Black and Orange! All the way!! Life Changing, I think yes!

  • Vinay

    Curry Burger!

  • Richard

    Hamburgers make me barf.

  • monkeyroticat

    If you're looking to hamburgers to change your life, your priorities are all f**ked up.

    Now, poutine on the other hand. There's a meal to set your watch to.

  • Keith B.

    5 Guys was the first chain burger I had that didn't taste like it came from the frozen section at Safeway.

    Other than the saturated fat shortening my life expectancy I wouldn't call it life changing.

  • Brian

    Michel Richard's burger at the bar of Citronelle. Far and above the best!

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