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Victor Albisu, Creator of the $58 Burger, Is Out at BLT Steak

Chef Victor Albisu, the guy who pioneered the $58, gold-leaf-topped "1 %" burger, is done at BLT Steak. Post critic Tom Sietsema has the scoop via Twitter. "For me," says Albisu, "the next step is ownership."

Photo courtesy of Metrocurean

  • Java Master

    well like, who cares? this town is loony with expensive, crappy burgers....

  • Jane

    Am I the only person more offended at charging $10 for sub-Denny's ingredients?

  • lol

    I'm with you Jane. At least you get a bun at McDonald's.

    Hehe, goes to show that most 99%'ers are pretty well off.

  • Jackson

    Did you ever try those burgers? They were amazing...and kobe beef, so NOT sub-Denny's ingredients. SOOO Delish and worth the cost. There wasn't a burger out there like the line of burgers he did at BLT! Hope he opens up a burger joint somewhere.

  • Elena

    This guy is a total pompous jerk!!! He better not open another burger joint ... that trend is beyond over! Even that obnoxious ginger kid ... what's his name ... oh yea Bobby Flay, jumped on the burger bandwagon way after the market had already been saturated with below par burger joints. NO THANKS! And don't even get me started with the BLT Restaurant Group ... total sh*tshow ... everyone knows they lost their cred the second Laurent Tourondel left the brand.

  • Jackson

    What does a chef at the company have to do with the BLT Restaurant Group? Especially since he LEFT. He's also not a jerk, he's got a huge following in DC.

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