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Is Spike Mendelsohn Opening a Steak Frites Place?

It seems that opening up new locations of Good Stuff Eatery in Georgetown and Crystal City (among other places) isn't all that Top Chef alum Spike Mendelsohn is up to these days. Y&H just obtained a copy of a letter from Mendelsohn's sister and spokesperson, Micheline Mendelsohn, to First Lady Michelle Obama, a sometime Good Stuff patron, which dishes that another restaurant is in the works right next door to Good Stuff and Mendelsohn's other Capitol Hill joint, We, The Pizza. This one's apparently a steak frites place.

According to the letter:

"...because we're not busy enough, Spike and I are taking over a space next door to We, The Pizza and opening a steak-frites concept. This summer you'll be able to enjoy some authentic french food on Capitol Hill as Spike's professional training was at Les Crayeres, a Relais & Châteaux in France and he spent many years at Thomas Keller's Bouchon restaurant in Napa Valley."

Contacted for comment, Micheline Mendelsohn says the deal is not done yet; that is, no lease is signed. (She also explained that the letter was emailed by mistake.) Speaking to Y&H recently on another matter, Spike Mendelsohn hinted at another concept he was working on but he declined to get into specifics. Guess the proverbial cat's out of the bag! Or cow, in this case.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Matt

    That's odd considering there aren't any vacant spaces next door to We the Pizza, as far as I can tell. Maybe they are taking over Lustre Cleaners or Thai Roma?

  • A

    Many years? How old is the guy, again??

  • Mike

    So the crappy "chef" had his sister send a letter to the first lady. This is the same lady who crusaded against this type of food. It is odd that she not only eats the very junk that she says is ruining kids but based on the letter being sent to her it seems is a marketer for Spike's swill.

  • Bill Wilson

    I'd like to know how many months constitute "many years at Thomas Keller's Bouchon".
    I'm guessing 1

  • MJ

    Gross. This confirms that he's a secret agent for the pharmaceutical companies and is really just tying to give us all high cholesterol.

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  • C

    There are so many great French/frites places on the Hill already. What we really need is a good vegetarian restaurant, but he's obviusly not the guy to do it.

  • Cee Cee Rider

    Name one steak fritts place in DC with all wines 40bucks a bottle, all glasses 8 bucks a set salad/steak menu and sides such as sides like dauphinoise, a mini bar executive chef and a mad, elegant decor plan?!

  • PollyTics

    It looks as though Cee Cee Rider just might be ole Spikey in disguise (we know he loves wearing them).

    Hi that a mustache & sideburns you're wearing?

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