Young and Hungry

Fast Gourmet Guys Getting More Gourmet With Second Eatery

“I’m not going to say it is going to be upscale, but it’s going to be more ambitious in terms of the quality of food. People can look for great homemade pasta.  We’re going to make different kinds of pasta over there from scratch.  We’ll have some select sandwiches from Fast Gourmet that we will try to do something different with.  We’ll have a dinner menu with fish, steaks, and salads....It will be very laid back and youthful, but with a very high quality of food.”—Fast Gourmet co-owner Manuel Olivera, telling WUSA about the concept for his new eatery, TakEatEasy, opening at 1990 M St. NW in Dupont Circle later this year.

  • Mistr Knucklz

    I'll take a whatever, but please hold the grease. That is what keeps me from patronizing your 14th & W location. I would recommend that you post the fat and calorie content of your food on the menu so that customers can make informed decisions.