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Fines For No Lines? More Ticket Troubles For Food Trucks

City officials have reportedly threatened food truck operators with new tickets and fines if their vehicles "don’t have a line formed in front of them.” Food Truck Fiesta has the scoop. The Post follows up with city officials who deny any new enforcement efforts.  In recent weeks, many tasty truckers have complained about being unfairly targeted for parking violations.

  • joan

    Sounds almost as productive as going through homeowner's trash and fining them for shredding old newspapers and using them as kitty little.

    Who will stop these DPW thugs?

  • Michael Landrum

    I am a brick and mortar restaurateur. I support food trucks whole-heartedly as a crucial portal of entry for much-needed creative energy and vitality in a market and an industry which suffer from a dire lack of opportunity for talent to develop and find expression.

    It is also the last remaining viable portal of entry into entrepreneurial ownership in a field which used to epitomize the American dream.

    Everything should be done to foster and support these efforts.

    Even before this campaign to deny the rights of business ownership to newcomers, I have been calling out the RAMW as self-serving parasites, entirely hostile to restaurant workers, individual operators, and, ultimately, diners and the communities who count on restaurants for economic and career opportunity.

    The shamelessness in the handling of this issue is truly staggering (not that the food truck community couldn't do a better job at self-organizing and self-policing).

    --Michael Landrum

  • Ray allen

    Great, just what we need. More government interference.