Young and Hungry

Sooo 2011: The Bánh Mì Bonanza

City Paper's recent "Annotated Guide to 2011" delves into all sorts of tantalizing topics, including the sudden rise of bánh mì—now "the District’s overpriced and overly Americanized lunch du jour." Read all about it here.

How will the Vietnamese hoagie fare in 2012? Stick your predictions in the comments.

  • NovaNicole

    Banh mi - it's better in the 'burbs.

  • tomaj

    as the menu at the hamilton is proving, banh mi will show up on regular american menus as a dress-up gourmet style, the way that hamburgers now cost $14. the pate source will be identified, usually some small farm in new jersey, and the pickled vegetables will change into things like roasted baby beets.