Young and Hungry

Artfully Chocolate, R.I.P.

The last day of 2011 turns out to be the last day for Artfully Chocolate (aka ACKC) on 14th Street NW. Eater DC brings word that the hot chocolate hub is closing. The final day of business is Dec. 31. In a message to patrons, owner Eric Nelson attributes the shuttering to "[m]any factors," though none specified. On the bright side, the chocolatier's Alexandria locations will be expanding to fill the void.

Image courtesy of Artfully Chocolate

  • P.

    That totally sucks - has the rent gone up? Ive heard rumblings about 14th becoming unreasonable rent wise. I hope the big chains don't take over

  • J

    noooooo! ACKC made the best chocolate caramels with sea salt and their other obscure chocolate creations were great too, and I don't really even like chocolate! So sad, but I bet it's the rent now that 14th is a hot spot. I will miss you ACKC, a lot. But not enough to venture to Alexandria for a piece of chocolate. R.I.P.

  • Former employee

    As a former employee, I'm surprised the place lasted as long as it did. And as a neighborhood resident, I'm glad to see Nelson's garish artwork gone.

  • Chocolate lover

    And look what's happened to Biagio Fine Chocolate. No good chocolate in the city anymore

  • Jane

    What's wrong with Biagio? I know they've changed their name but has the selection changed at all?

  • Cocoa queen

    I bought some chocolates from ACKC last month and I wasn't impressed. Fleurir Chocolates in Georgetown or Artisan Confections in Clarendon - these guys are the real deal.