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Is DPW Low-Balling the Number of Parking Tickets Issued to Food Trucks?

WaPo follows up on the NBC4 investigation into the brouhaha boiling up between food truck operators and city parking enforcement. The Department of Public Works now has a two-person crew assigned to crack down on food trucks that violate parking rules. The tasty truckers say they're been unfairly targeted while other violators are ignored. The city suggests the complaints are overblown, citing only 68 citations issued to the roving restaurants on wheels. Josh Saltzman, co-owner of the PORC food truck, disputes the city's figures. He tells The Post, "My company alone has received over 40 of these targeted violations."

  • Brian

    Yea I have 14. So, between Josh and I somehow we've got 79% of them all, between two trucks..(out of 60+) OR DPW numbers are off. One or the other. *shrug*

  • art

    what is the overall complaint from trucks here? if they are saying that they are getting undeserved tickets, i understand their outrage. however, if they are saying that they are breaking the parking rules but are receiving more tickets than others who are breaking the parking rules, then who cares? break the rules, get a ticket. build it into your cost of doing business.

  • Josh

    Art, the issue is the restaurant association, AOBA, the BIDs and others use city resources like there own private thugs. The targeted enforcement is an attempt to destroy competition. What the article doesn't mention are the numerous false police reports, false health reports, excessive inspections, etc. All we want is equitable treatment. To that end, we've been asking the council to update the 35 vending laws to reflect how our small businesses need to operate.

  • Brian

    Art - A traffic officer Lied about the time they saw us parked - Twice in one week - in order to give us 'Overtime Tickets'. We have multiple witnesses to that effect.

    It's not just over enforcemenet or targeted enforcement. It's gone insane and frankly, criminal. Making up stuff on citations by an officer isn't just wrong: it's perjury. Apparently they Thought we were going to park (we weren't yet), had to leave (to go get other trucks), but wanted to make sure they got credit for giving us a ticket. In doing so, they falsified the time they said they observed us parked - Twice. We're aware of an instance with another truck too. Disgusting. In an era when things are hard enough for the small business person, to have the governemnt contriving to steal.. wow, that's special. It speaks to the mentality behind the tickets as well. It's not law enforcement, it's harassment.

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