Young and Hungry

Korean Sausage With a Side of Schadenfreude

"I’m so happy....I always wished for Kim Jong-Il’s death and now it actually happened.”—Former North Korean spy turned Northern Virginia sausage maker Ma Young-Ae (one-time proprietor of the defunct Pyongyang Soondae restaurant on Little River Turnpike and current supplier to Korean supermarkets in Virginia and Maryland), reacting to the dictator's demise on City Desk, which helpfully points out:

Anyone hoping to celebrate the end of the Dear Leader's reign with authentic North Korean sausages can find them at Lotte Plaza in Fairfax (3250 Old Lee Highway). Ma’s sausages are also on the menu—both the regular and the spicy fried variety—at Arirang restaurant, which has two locations in Maryland: Rockville (1326 East Gude Dr.) and Germantown (13541 Clopper Rd.).

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • please, fire chris

    how pathetic yet typical that chris can't generate his own content and needs to recycle material from the city desk section. why don't you do some serious journalism and discuss what foods were liked by dear leader? or look at what restaurants serve north korean cuisine? oh yeah, i forgot, you're an awful hack.

  • Predictator

    Dear "please, fire chris" can you link to your blog already? I'm dying to read some real journalism. I love your ideas and it's a shame the journalistic establishment is keeping you down. Rumor is you have a great angle on the dietary habits of Grand Moff Tarkin action figures in subterranean basement dwellings. Please don't let the comments section on food blogs be the only outlet for your creative genius. That communications degree and co-editor credit from your high school newspaper is going to waste.