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Cocktail Kvetching: D.C.’s Best Bars Snubbed By Food & Wine

Food & Wine has released its list of the "50 Best Bars In America." And, just like in national politics, D.C. representation is sorely lacking. Only one hotbed of booze in the entire District merits a mention on the vaunted list: The Passenger/Columbia Room near Mt. Vernon Square. Alexandria's PX, meanwhile, earns a nod on behalf of Northern Virginia. In the Post, Y&H alum Tim Carman chats with validated proprietors Derek Brown and Todd Thrasher, as well as a few of the snubbed, including Gina Chersevani of PS7's. WaPo bars and clubs editor Fritz Hahn also weighs in on some other glaring omissions, including Jack Rose, Fiola, and America Eats. The list further dismisses a number of City Paper readers' faves, such as: The Gibson ("Best Cocktail" and "Best Cocktail Selection"), ChurchKey ("Best Craft Beer Selection" and "Best Draft Beer Selection"), The Blaguard ("Best Neighborhood Bar"), and The Raven ("Best Dive Bar").

Which local watering hole are you most incensed about not making the cut?

Photo by Melissa Doroquez/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license

  • Lisa

    To me, Room 11 is the single best bar in the nation/world/milky way galaxy, in every way that one can judge such a thing. But, I humbly request that people from outside the neighborhood stop visiting us so that I don't have to wait a half hour for a stool on a Tuesday. Thank you.

  • Kev29

    That Food & Wine list should be titled, "50 Best Upscale Cocktail Lounges". Not that there's anything wrong with that, but they pretty much ignored beer-centric bars.

  • Jane

    I agree with both of the above posters: Room 11 is amazing and this is more about cocktail lounges than actual bars. But I'm glad to see somebody else thinks The Gibson is highly overrated.

    Both ChurchKey and Meridian Pint merit mention, but I am personally a fan of Bourbon Steak and Veritas.

  • steve

    This is not aty all surprising. Considering the places that made the list, they are some of the best bars. DC pretty much sucks at everything food related, its no surprise that they lack a good watering hole.

    Think about it. There are some ok places here in DC for a drink, but are there really any places that are that great? $20 for a margarita pitcher? 50 cents off domestic beers? $1 PBRs? these are considered good deals? id hate to see what prices are like when there not on special.

    DC sucks at pretty much everything. especially food and drink. which while i have the open mic here id like to remind readers that 2 Amy's is NOT GOOD PIZZA! if this is really the best pizza DC has to offer then we are in bigger trouble that our political impass'

  • Mike

    I love DC. But we are not in the same stratosphere as NYC, SF, Chicago and other major cities when it comes to food and drink. So while places like Churchkey (!) may seem great to us, given the other choices available here, they are not anywhere near worth mentioning in a conversation about the best spots nationwide.

  • steve

    well said Mike

  • Kev29

    Churchkey rates as one of the best beer establishments on earth -- not just in DC. I've been to loads of beer focused bars all over -- SF, NY, LA, Pacific NW, London, Berlin, etc. Churchkey is in the top tier for selection, storage, variety, etc. Considered to be world class by their peers.

  • steve

    Churchkey? really the best? i hate how places like churchkey and RFD and brickskeller claim to have something like 1000 beers, and then when you want to try something really exotic they never have it. or even a beer not so exotic like.....rolling rock or new castle. "oh sorry we dont have that" "but you say you have over 1000 varieties" "yea, all except that one...and this one and this one and that one...."

  • Ariell

    Cocktails at Rogue 24 (by Derek Brown still) are delightful in the salon. D.C. has always been a raw bar and martini city. And you folks are right, this isn't San Francisco. Though I care little for beer and people swear by it, I just feel in general that Churchkey's ambiance is just plain uninviting.