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Andy Shallal, ‘Democracy’s Restaurateur,’ On Running a Capitalist Enterprise

“It’s not a charity. If we don’t make money, we can’t stay in business....I don’t want sympathy diners. We want people to come here because we are good at what we do.”—Self-described activist who "happens to be in business," Anas "Andy" Shallal, owner of Busboys & Poets, discussing economic reality with the Washington Post

Photo courtesy of Busboys & Poets

  • Washingtonian4Life

    As a native Washingtonian, I was witness to the first Busboys opening on 14th & V almost 10 years ago. Shallal's restaurant has singlehandedly changed the face of the neighborhood (and now other parts of DC) by intentionally creating a landmark for the integration/collaboration of different races in this area. Many are quick to forget what this area was like before the restaurant's arrival and how much prosperity has flourished in the surrounding businesses due to the success of Busboys & Poets. Shallal and his restaurants have brought an unbelievable amount of growth, jobs and economic stimulus to this city.

    Looking forward to visiting the new location in Hyattsville!

  • DC chillin

    Andy Shallal is one of the most inspiring people i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Shallal created a safe space for people who are interested in helping the world and arent too busy with the superficial aspects of life. Busboys and Poets is one of my favorite places to hang out with friends because its such a relaxing atmosphere with great food!