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Tom Power’s New Place Is Either A Dive, A Faux Speakeasy, Or Both

“It’ll be a mishmash of things somewhere in between Stoney’s and the Passenger.” —Corduroy owner Tom Power, describing the concept of his forthcoming casual eatery in Shaw now called Herringbone (formerly called Velour: "there was a movie about a porn star, Monica Velour, so I thought we may want to change it," he explains) to Washingtonian

Photo courtesy of Corduroy

  • JHP

    The Passenger is not a speakeasy, faux or otherwise. The Columbia Room is a faux-or-otherwise speakeasy (speakishy?). Please correct the headline.

  • First Properties

    Yes, Completely agree with you JHP

  • Next Door

    If you link to the original article it describes that it is also same decorator as Gibson, which I assume is where the speakeasy came from.