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Free Beer! (For Your Vote) Smoke & Barrel Resorts to Boozy Bribery in Barbecue Battle

Smoke & Barrel owner John Andrade wants your vote. And he's willing to pay for it. In an email yesterday, Andrade asked patrons for their endorsement of his Adams Morgan eatery's espresso-rubbed brisket and tender ribs smothered in spicy chipotle honey butter sauce in the Washington Post's "Best BBQ" online poll: "If you vote for us, let me know next time you see me and I'll buy you a beer at either Smoke & Barrel or [his other beer-centric venue in Columbia Heights] Meridian Pint."

  • Alicia

    It's working - they're in the lead!

  • John Andrade

    "Do you believe my new restaurant, Smoke & Barrel, has the best BBQ in DC? If so, I would love it if you voted online right now..."

    I stand by my request for our supporters to vote for what THEY believe to be the best BBQ.

  • Heff

    As Tavern Keeper of this establishment, I wholeheartedly support our hands-on owner in his effort to share a beer and a conversation with our supporters. Furthermore, I believe the characterization of his email as bribery to be sensationalist at best, and slanderous at worst. I have managed restaurants for owners who rarely showed their face around the establishment, and John must bare your criticism for seeking out INCREASED contact with the dining public? For shame Chris Shott, for shame.

  • Ken

    I am disappointed of how you Chris Shott, would completely misquote John in order to gain interest/buzz in your article.
    He was just asking if folks believed if Smoke & Barrel was the best BBQ in town, then there is a place to vote for them. The City Paper provides Stickers for people to hang in their windows for folks to vote for them (which ultimately is really advertising the City Paper). So why can't an owner take it upon himself to tell people there is a poll to vote for them? I voted for them because I really like their BBQ...especially their Spicy Chipolte Honey Butter and I do not expect anything in return other than more great Q.

  • John Fleury

    "And I, for one, welcome our new bbq overlords."

  • Spiff

    Aw, give the dude a break! I bet he based his title choice purely on the potential for alliteration! Besides, nothing would stop me from voting for Smoke & Barrel.

  • indc

    Actually, Smoke & Barrel wouldn't have to bribe me with a free beer (not that I'd decline one). This place is a great addition to the wasteland that Adams Morgan has devolved into the past several years. I think it's another signal of a brighter future for this neighborhood seriously abused by suburbanites and woefully neglected by Grahamzilla.