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Ba Bay, R.I.P. (2010-2011)

After barely a year in existence—and mere months after losing chef Nick Sharpe—Capitol Hill's Ba Bay is no more. "It brings me great sadness to inform you that Ba Bay has closed its doors,” owner Denise Nguyen writes in an e-mail to WaPo food scribe and Y&H alum Tim Carman. “Due to circumstances beyond our control, the last day of service was Friday, November 18, 2011. It was a pleasure to serve Washington D.C., and especially the Capitol Hill and Eastern Market neighborhood. Ba Bay is eternally grateful for the support of its guests, friends, colleagues and staff who all made this last year so special.”

In memoriam, DCist has a tribute to the restaurant's "Godzilla" banh mi.

Y&H will always remember the place as the site of that bizarre tattooed-pig event back in May.

Photo by Chris Shott

  • Michael Landrum

    My comment to the Washington Post in the comments section of the article linked above entitled "Ba Bay Goes Buh-Bye":

    "Whoever wrote that headline is a cruel, insensitive, soulless asshole who has no idea what it takes to put one's entire life on the line to pursue a vision or to work until one literally falls to his knees out of sheer exhaustion, no doubt being incapable of either.


    --Michael Landrum

  • Michael Landrum

    I neglected to say how much respect the incredibly hard-working and talented team at Ba Bay deserve for their efforts and sacrifices and how sure I am they will shine in their future endeavors.

    --Michael Landrum

  • Daniel Abrams

    I thought Ba Bay was much improved after Nick Sharpe left and I'm sorry to see it close. Perhaps his departure happened too late to make a difference?

  • A-lo

    Wow, I just went to Ba Bay for the second time last week. I really wanted to like the restaurant more as I thought the concept, space, and staff were all cool, but the food just never quite rose to the appropriate level for the prices. I wanted stronger Vietnamese flavors, which seemed to be lacking. Please try again in a different neighborhood and you might find better success!

  • Jane

    When I went I was unimpressed by the food, but I didn't think it was bad enough to sink the restaurant. I agree that the staff was quite hard-working and hopefully they find a good place to go.

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