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Gratitude, Graffiato-Style: Mike Isabella Is Thankful For Top Chef

Gratitude is what Thanksgiving is all about. Well, that and gluttony. What is Graffiato's Mike Isabella thankful for this holiday? "For opportunities," the District's reigning restaurant-rumor magnet and Garden State native tells North Jersey Media. "The opportunity to appear on two seasons of 'Top Chef' helped lead me to the opportunity of opening Graffiato." No doubt. And having all his buddies from the TV show stop by from time to time doesn't hurt the allure of the place, either. We don't call it a neo-Italian starfucker clubhouse for nothing.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Johnny

    I thought this was going to be how he decided to put unleaded gas in his new Ruckus. The amount of press you give some of these chefs is comical. Its really lazy writing. There is no wonder restaurants of these chefs are always busy, you give them endless publicity about bs things like buying a scooter or how he likes his thanksgiving turkey. Writers like you are really small time.

  • tomaj

    Like Johnny above, I do sometimes get the impression that Y&H has turned into a star vehicle. This is not news, nor is it even local. You're copying a throw-away story from a New Jersey paper because it mentions one DC chef? Does this mean that someone at the City Paper is doing news/media searches for any mention in the country of this guy? Are you going to report Carla Hall's favourite winter sports next? What Jose Andres is getting his mom for Christmas? Three blog stories below this entry is another entry about how Isabella, gasp, is not using OpenTable with his restaurant. Two entries below that, another Isabella story, about exactly the same thing. Five entries before that, another Isabella story, about what method exactly he will use to transport himself between his two restaurants (was there speculation?). How about we declare December a Top-Chef-free month on Y&H?