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How Much Would You Pay For A Gold Leaf-Topped Burger?

Washingtonian previously showcased chef Victor Albisu's various politically themed burgers at BLT Steak, notably including the hoity-toity "1%" variety, topped with foie gras, gold leaf and Grey Poupon. But Y&H hadn't noticed the startling price-tag of the thing until now. Metrocurean has a shot of the menu: $58!

How much would you fork over for a slab of kobe beef topped with gold leaf?

Photo courtesy of Metrocurean

  • Josh

    The 99% don't pay $10 bucks for a burger.

  • d~

    The $58 for the Kobe w/ gold leaf is whatever. I think the really offense here is the "99%" with American cheese and Wonder bread for $9.99!! Really Wonder bread and American?? I wouldn't eat that for free at a backyard bbq much less pay $9.99 for it!

  • Dan Riley

    This joker will never get a dime of my money. Good luck.

  • Alex

    This is why I hate DC.

  • 99%

    I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a $10 hamburger today.

  • Nova Nicoise

    Ah yes, the DC tradition of rubbing it in. "Who ordered the plebian burger?"

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