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Gut Reaction: BGR’s ‘Thanksgiving On A Bun’ Is Better Than No Thanksgiving (Marginally)

Thanksgiving has gotten to be a pretty horrendous time to travel any distance for a single meal, no matter how big or amazing the spread. The last time I trekked out to my Aunt Karen's place in southwestern Virginia, where most of the Shott clan will converge for turkey, trimmings and mom's homemade pecan and pumpkin chiffon pies, the airline flight alone set me and the missus back around $1,000.

With that in mind, Y&H is eyeing this messy "Thanksgiving on a Bun" from BGR: The Burger Joint as a potentially suitable, if far less satisfying, austerity measure: Just $10.99!

The turkey burger comes topped with cranberry sauce, cornmeal stuffing and gravy.

Earlier this week, the folks at Metromix conducted a taste test, pitting BGR's  special holiday sandwich versus a similar creation at Jetties. BGR's version came out on top: "Like most things in life, it comes down to the gravy. And the Pumpkin Pie Milkshake."

Initial impressions: Maybe this has something to do with the difference between BGR's Bethesda and Dupont Circle locations, but I was rather displeased with the gravy on my ground bird-topped bun. For one thing, it was quite cold, dampening things from the get-go. The cranberry sauce didn't suck so much, but it was pretty sparse. Same goes for the stuffing. The turkey patty itself seemed substantial enough albeit rather salty and otherwise under-seasoned.

I'll say this for the Metromix crew: they weren't wrong about the shake. Yum!

Next time, I'll just get a frozen turkey. According to the latest USDA average retail prices, I can afford to buy around 6.6 pounds of a whole bird for the same price as one of BGR's ground gobblers.

Photo by Chris Shott

  • Low Brau DC

    Wait, you flew to SW Virginia? Typically when we drive down there, it only costs about one tank of gas. In the end, it would still be much cheaper than the burger.

  • Chris Shott

    Good point, Low Brau. I guess that anecdote requires some added context. At the time of my last Thanksgiving trip that way, I was living in New York, so we're talking about two plane tickets to Charlotte, followed by a two-and-a-half-hour drive to Bluefield, Va/W.Va. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Low Brau DC

    Ah, that changes everything.

  • Tanner Ellsworth

    Thanks for the review. I think I'll still try it. Last time I had a BGR burger, I thought it tasted strange (it had some sour mushrooms on it), but I still can't help getting hungry for another when I think about it.