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Will D.C. Ever Get Tired Of Small Plates?

"We're not coming to D.C. because there's no good tapas here, we're coming because people like tapas."—restaurateur Yann de Rochefort, whose delayed Dupont Circle tapas joint Boqueria (soon expected to join the District's crowded field of small-plate spots) is now scheduled to open in January [Eater DC]

  • melissa

    I kinda think this is as much about what's profitable for restaurants as what customers want. In a 2007 interview as the trend was emerging, chef Suzanne Goin said it's more practical than having to worry about the temperatures of a meat and two or three on a plate. It's also cheaper for restaurants and racks up our bill price. Still, its becoming as overkill as burgers. Too many small plates.

  • Ant

    DC has to many medicore restuarants as it is every week its a new tapas spot, high-end burger joint, or gourmet pizza - What ever happened to variety?

  • Jane

    This has been #1 on my most overdone trend list for a while. Melissa is right, it is way more profitable for the restaurant, but it's completely aggravating. If I'm paying $20 for something I'd like to assume it's a full dinner.

    Estadio sells dates for $2 apiece. I've had enough.

  • tomaj

    i'm not tired of small plates. but i am tired of paying entree prices for what is essentially appetizers. tapas are meant to be small, non-fancy, and cheap.

  • Christina

    I agree with some of the other comments. I am very tired of small plates. It ends up being way too expensive for what you are getting. I think restaurants are making a killing on this concept. I'm very disappointed that Mike Isabella's restaurants are all small plates. I want an entree, not a bunch of overpriced appetizers that leave you feeling unsatisfied.

    I too have had enough and avoid small plate restaurants as much as possible.

  • muckraker

    No way! I love small plates. So much more flexibility in your meal. Bring 'em on!