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Uniontown Carries On, Despite Owner’s Drug Charge, But For How Long?

Hailed as a sign of progress for Anacostia, the fried haddock sandwich and granny smith apple martini-slinging Uniontown Bar & Grill, which opened this past February, now appears to be wrangling with the same sort of problems that have long plagued that part of Southeast D.C. The Washington Post reports that the restaurant's owner, Natasha Dasher, has been charged in a federal drug-trafficking case after authorities tracked a shipment of 65 kilograms of cocaine from Texas to her Fort Washington office.

Despite the owner's arrest on Nov. 1, business has carried on as usual at the eatery. Just last week, the venue hosted a viewing party for the premier of Anacostia: The Web Series. Stopping in over the weekend, WaPo describes a pretty typical scene: "A handful of diners sipped iced tea and beer while watching college football on the restaurant’s flat-screen televisions, and a pair of employees chatted at the granite bar."

How long that lasts remains to be seen. A conviction in Dasher's case would no doubt pose serious consequences to Uniontown's future. Regulators tend to frown upon felons holding liquor licenses—though there have been exceptions.

Logo courtesy of Uniontown Bar & Grill

  • justletthemwinhuhman

    Can I slap her please? How can people bring something fairly decent to our neighborhood when we're ALREADY a targeted location as it is and do something stupid like this. I mean like it's RIGHT in front of a church. Across the street from DC Gov offices.... How DUMB can you be? Federal property everywhere around there... just why? You weren't making enough money at the bar and grill? Selfish greedy people never ever win. NONE of them! She owes this neighborhood an apology along with all of the thugs around here suited, uniformed, plain clothes, lowers downs and higher ups.

  • Skipper

    If any drug money was used to purchase or operate the bar/restaurant, then the feds can seize it.

  • Cool Breeze

    We do not know enough details to make the decision to condemn her..We have to wait for the entire story to be told....Do you really think that she had to go this way??? Let's keep it 100, if that was what she wanted, she could have gone around the corner....In the meantime, can we support the business and keep those employees employed until this situation gets resolved????

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  • VonniMediaMogul

    People like Cool Breeze is exactly why the rest of the city laughs at ward 8. A person comes and sells drugs in YOUR neighborhood, further contributing to the blight and the neighborhood rallies around them. But why am I not surprised? Look at who you voted in as Councilmember while having the highest unemployment in the nation.

  • free

    VonniMediaMogul- you are being an idiot!
    Cool Breeze was making sense. We don't know the details AND she wasn't selling drugs in the neighborhood.
    IF she was involved in this (and not letting a stupid boyfriend, business associate, or family member have free use of her business addresses ect) then she should be condemned.
    But think about it, it is strange for a drug dealer to open this type of business in such a civic and high profile way. The woman went to community meetings and met with other business owners. She isn't some black male drug dealer who bought a no name store front that sells phone cards and potato chips- while laundering money. It doesn't make sense.
    DON'T worry Vonni- is Draper is guilty- she is a black FEMALE! She will not be supported and no excuses will be made for her! Even Marian Barry will comdemn her.

  • free

    CoolBreeze is right!
    Keep supporting the business until we know the facts. Supporting the business is not supporting Draper! Keeping the business alive may allow for someone else to buy it- if Draper is found to be involved in drugs.
    {{{{BTW- I gotta say it again- it is crazy the way black folks respond when a black FEMALE is accused of a crime as opposed to a black MALE. Our morals and values return and we can see everything clearly- Right is right! Wrong is wrong! Evidence is clear."
    Black folks- we gotta stop having a different set of eyes, brains, and values for black males.....than we have for everybody else (white men,black women, police, koreans, hispanics....) }}}

  • free

    If Sharon Draper is guilty.....PLEASE! PLEASE! DC government be smart when you sieze the business!
    Don't just auction it off so that some prospecter or out of towner can buy it (fully historically restored) and SIT ON IT until they feel the area has getrified enough to jump in.
    We had that with The Kushner's and the BiGK properties.

  • think

    With that much drugs I don't think she would be selling out of her place of business. Those drugs were most likely to be distributed to local areas and states. Her business may have been opened with drug money but I doubt it she would be selling drugs in or around her business. And, her offices were in MD, not in DC. I am going to continue to patronize the establishment and hope for the best. The employees didn't do anything to me and its ruff enough out here finding a job.

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  • Eve4ever

    Folks, first of all the owner's name is Natasha Dasher--not Sharon Draper, who ever she is, she does not need her name tossed around and connected to this business. It is unfortunate the fate of Uniontown Bar & Grill, which I visited and reviewed, was a welcome breath of fresh air in a usually blighted neighborhood. I met Dasher, and she seemed competent and serious about her business. Who knows what really happened, but if she is innocent, let's not convict her in the court of public opinion. And if she is guilty, I still hope that Uniontown Bar & Grill will continue to exist and lend a bright spot to the MLK Avenue corridor that is so sorely needed!

  • Dre

    I opened UTBG with natasha employed as a cook she was a very fun outgoing intelligent women i dont believe one word in the news today everyone knows the disagreements of a black owned restaurant ran by black people in dc the allegations could clearly be an attempt to change anacostia and make it better without the essence of color natasha put her heart and soul into that business and i for one stand by her rather than drop my head in shame we dont know any facts all we know is from word of someone elses mouth dc stand by your own natasha did not murder and leave blood in the streets she did not ignore the needs of southeast even if the allegations are true there could have been so much more she could have done with her money instead she contributed to a community that was thought to be a lost cost a contribution that most of you talking about her now praised her for then natasha keep ya head up boo we all make mistakes does not mean god will not forgive you you are in my prayers as well as your family dre aka country