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Price Check: Two Bucks for Pretzel Bread at District Commons

WaPo food critic Tom Sietsema may be the D.C. area's most fervent watchdog when it comes to the complimentary bread basket—a longtime staple of the dinner table now seemingly on the decline amid a sputtering economy. No big surprise, then, that the non-complimentary baked goods at the newly opened District Commons recently caught his attention. "You pay $2 for bread here," the critic notes in last week's "First Bite" column. But, at least in this case, the discerning connoisseur seems content with the doughy markup: "the brown pretzel loaf, hot from the flames and served with mustard dip, is worth it," he declares.

Not everyone agrees. The pretzel loaf's considerable price tag was the subject of some intense debate at the bar when Y&H first visited chef Jeff Tunks' newest eatery in Foggy Bottom on opening night.

What do you think? Is two bucks too much to pay for pre-dinner carb-loading?

Photo by Chris Shott

  • Lauren

    That looks good!

  • dagny t

    In Italy almost all restaurants charge what is called a "coperto", which was translated for me as 'bread fee'. Except many restaurants charge the coperto whether or not they serve you bread. Some even try to charge you just to sit down, look at their menu & then decide to eat elsewhere!

    And don't even get me started on the price differences between eating outside & inside...! I called it 'the al fresco fee' when I wrote about it.

  • Bready

    $2 actually seems pretty reasonable if the bread is good. And especially so when compared to paying upwards of $5 for a much more mediocre bread basket at hot spot Graffiato, which hasn't seemed to attract the same criticism.

  • Vanessa

    District Commons is far superior to Graffiato, try the late night menu. $2 is fine for a specialized bread that can take the place of an appetizer.