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Super Tacos, Pica Taco, Taqueria Juquilita: What’s D.C.’s Best Filled Tortilla?

Not listed: El Centro's cactus taco

National foodie site Serious Eats surveys some of the D.C.-area's best taco spots. Six of nine places on the list are in the suburbs. But the District proper is represented: Two Adams Morgan-area eateries, Super Tacos ("part of the drunk food culture here") and Pica Taco ("[p]erhaps the best barbacoa of the entire taco trip"), earn a mention. So does Taqueria Juquilita in Columbia Heights ("hands down the most authentic experience"), despite the fact that surveyors had a tough time finding the place: "I was at the correct address, but I was outside of an apartment building. I called the phone number I had, and the man says, “'Do you see my wife in the window above you? She’ll throw the key down.'” Some notable omissions: Oyamel, Casa Oaxaca, and not surprisingly, El Centro D.F.

What's your favorite filled tortilla in the District?

  • Abbey

    I've been to Oyamel and I wouldn't really consider it an authentic taco, maybe more artisanal. El Centro's tacos weren't memorable, which is why I didn't include them. Thanks for linking to my post!

  • Simon

    Mary Antojitos restaurant in Manassas, Va. I absolutely hate having to go to court in Manassas, but the one redeeming quality is that I know I'll get great tacos for lunch.

  • Lee

    One that really deserves to be mentioned is Tacos El Chilango - a food truck parked by the Ledo's in Rosslyn - by far my favorite taco anywhere in the metro DC region.

  • matt

    uh, distrito federale, obvi.

  • Mick Chase

    Haydees in Mt. Pleasant

  • Dan Goldman

    District Taco for El Salvadorian, hands down. El Chilango truck for Mexican. Both in Arlington!

    Wild card is Taco Bar in Gaithersburg near the RIO.

  • JeffB

    Mixtec in Adams Morgan makes a mean carne asada taco. I'm also a fan of Super Tacos.

  • ben stein

    all the hating on El Centro...Let's see. Mexican Restaurant run by Mexican Chef and staffed by mexicans or El Savadorian food masquerading as mexican like everywhere else.

  • Kokos

    Good point Ben Stein and nice post Abbey. As far as Centro's tacos not being memorable I've got to disagree. I've eaten at a number of the taquerias on the list which have ranged from damn good to terrible and Centro stands favorably next to any of them. While I appreciate hearing about some new, to me, places to grab a tasty taco no DC list that omits Taqueria DF and Taqueria Nacional can be taken seriously.

  • Lisa Duperier

    Chris, since WCP is located near Super Tacos 1762 Columbia Rd NW, please, why the gratuitous bashing of Adams Morgan by repeating the INACCURATE quote from Abbey of "part of the drunk culture." Super Tacos is open Mon-Thurs 10:00am-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 10:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-7:00pm. A large part of its business is the extensive Bakery section & Catering. It is NOT part of a drunk culture which is limited to late on Fri/ Sat nites fm 11p-3a. Adams Morgan is a wonderful interesting place to be the rest of the time!

  • Blackdonaldtrump

    I agree Lisa D. I live within delivery distance to Super Taco and besides being the freshest each time I order, but they dutifully close at 10:30 pm on weekends long before the "drunk culture "

  • sewsewsoso

    Artisanal would imply being made by artisans (a skilled laborer or craftsperson). I would think a lot of the more authentic places have more of an artisanal feel than that place. Perhaps you meant to say "bourgie" (which is a trunication of bourgeoisie) because that's really what many think of it.

  • AG

    I'm pretty over articles about DC where the majority of restaurants are not in DC. I get it, it's the DC metro area, but Gaithersburg, Hyattsville, Jesus. That's not just Arlington or Bethesda, that's out there. DC has enough good stuff on its own to not discuss places that are lengthy car trips away.

    Now that I'm done ranting, it was a clear oversight to not include Cafe Eagle on this list. 9th St NW, DC proper, tacos for $2.50 each that are killer.