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Shaw’s Tavern ‘Unfit For Licensure,’ Liquor Board Rules

Beleaguered would-be boîte Shaw's Tavern has suffered yet another setback. The District's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has deemed owner Abbas Fathi "unfit for licensure," citing the venue's prior history of serving alcohol without the proper permits.

In rendering its decision, the board also points to mismanagement by former tavern keeper Steven May, who is accused of altering official documents with "correction fluid" in order to improperly obtain booze from distributors.

The board's decision comes despite some community support for Fathi's application, including that of local Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C.

According to the official ruling: "The Board understands ANC 2C's disappointment; however, the Board cannot turn a blind eye to the Applicant's violations in the name of economic development."

The tavern shuttered back in August after struggling for weeks to stay afloat without the financial benefit of alcohol sales. Read more here.

Photo by Megan Arellano

  • East_H

    Ouch... but I read their ruling and it seems fair. Sorry, Shaw residents, I know a lot of you had/have high hopes for this place.

  • StrangeFruit

    Fraud ain't no joke and if you get caught, you gotta pay the price.

  • Political Observer

    The ABC board is selective in turning "a blind eye to the Applicant's violations in the name of economic development."

  • TC owner

    Of course we have the winning combo of Brian Brown and May half-a$$edly developing the firehouse on n. cap. Why can't the city take back it's property from these ass-clowns.

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  • Ben

    This is unfortunate for nearby residents who were looking forward to patronizing this place, but life goes on. If this is indicative of the way that May and/or Fathi were going to operate this establishment, it's probably for the best that the venture never got off the ground. The good news is that there is now a vacant, built-out space for someone to move into who perhaps has a better track record managing an ABC license. With the pace of development in this area, this space won't sit vacant for long.

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  • LongTimerinShaw

    The ANC just reached a voluntary agreement with Fathi for his alcohol license request the Firehouse. I live in the area and had high hopes for the establishment once. (It was presented as a restaurant.) Now I am very nervous that it is going to turn into a night club and just a general flashpoint for problems. A shame, since, like the Shaw's tavern space, it holds such great potential.

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  • Ralph

    Sorry to hear it Shaw, but the only blame goes to the owner and manager

  • JohnInNova

    It does make you wonder what kind of politics are behind this, and what bribes were not paid to the City!