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Komi’s Johnny Monis Is Opening a Tiny Thai Place

Metrocurean has the scoop on the latest project from Komi's Johnny Monis: a 30-seat Thai eatery called Little Serow, located right next door to his hallowed multi-course Mediterranean restaurant on 17th Street NW.

Says Monis: "Whereas Komi is a natural extension of my heritage and the food I grew up with, Little Serow is a passion project....Isaan food has a flavor profile that I love eating on our days off and have been cooking for our staff family meal and behind the scenes for the last few years. Traveling through northern Thailand with Anne (my wife and the other half of Komi) furthered solidified the fact that we wanted to do this."

Photo courtesy of Komi

  • Jane


    Komi is the one restaurant that has met---surpassed, really---the incredible amount of hype it's received. It made my mother cry.

    Needless to say I hope to be first in line for this.

  • Jane

    I ended up being first in line after all, and it did not disappoint. It exceeded expectations. For $45 per person my companion and I had some truly incredible and unusual Thai food. The lime-pork sausage was unreal.