Young and Hungry

What Nagging Questions Do You Have About D.C.’s Dining Scene?

You don't have to spend long looking at the story comments on our website to see that Washington City Paper has some of the most opinionated readers in the city—and, we like to think, the very best. That's why, for an upcoming special issue, we're putting you in the assignment-editor chair.

Specifically, we want your questions about what in D.C. fascinates you, leaves you mystified, or pisses you off. Your queries can cover any topic, as long as it's relevant to life in the District. Then, we'll pick our favorite questions and set our reporters to answering them. We're calling it the Answers Issue. But remember, readers: This one's totally on you.

Click here and ask away.

  • steve

    I am fed up with trendy hipster places that have a "green" (eco-friendly) philosophy.

    It's food. not a social statement. I know we live in DC a VERY liberal city (interesting political side note, DC is the only member of the electoral college to have NEVER voted for a Republican in history), but that doesnt mean we have to suffer with food that makes more of a statement about how crappy it is, then about what it represents.

    frankly, i dont care if my burger was formely grass fed. 99% of patrons couldnt tell the difference anyways. I just want it to be fairly priced and taste good.

    Who cares if the tables were formely old desks at the department of who cares. hows the chicken? crappy? well thats ok, but we are proud to say we to used recycled toilet paper to make the napkins. gee thanks!

  • Eric

    Why does Founding Farmers, the restaurant that promotes itself as Local and Serving the Community outsource their phone lines to an Opentable office in Kentucky? It seems they could find someone in DC for those jobs...

  • Justice

    wher are the black chefs in the city ?and how many of the top 100 have minority's at the helm ?,and how many chefs in the city are really from the city?

  • Paty

    Is there a Restaurant in the dark in Washington DC like the one in Paris?

  • steve

    @ Justice

    Really? thats what matters? how many minority chef's there are? btw ever look in a resteraunt kitchen? its almost always minorities in there. rarely do you ever see a kitchen staff non-minority. (which i guess makes it majority)

    But, does it really matter? point is black or white chefs this town doesnt know how to cook ANYTHING well.

  • Bruce

    Why are the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown so bad?

    Or, more constructively: are any of the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown good?

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