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Meatballs To The Walls: What’s Your Favorite Rounded Meat?

So acclaimed chef Michel Richard's forthcoming concept in Penn Quarter is all about the meatball. All kinds, too: beef, lamb, chicken, crab, veggie. The name of the place: why, Meatballs, of course. (Note the playfully heavy emphasis on "balls" in both the signage and the souvenir swag.) And why not? New York already has its own meatball specialty shop. So does Toronto.

Richard tells Eater DC the ballsy eatery is still a few weeks away from opening. For some early looks at the space, click over to Washingtonian, HuffPo, or Dining Bisnow.

While Richard might be the first D.C. chef to devote an entire space to the tasty spheres, the city is by no means devoid of the things. As we await Richard's take on the traditional spaghetti garnish, let us consider the hearty globes already pleasing palates across the District.

Some of my favorites: the spicy little orbs served with goat cheese agnolotti, tomato fondue and basil at Proof and the eclectic lobster lumps at 1905.

What's your favorite meatball in town?

Photo by Krista/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

  • Johnny

    Definately Olazzo! The only meatballs that come close are the Little Owl in nyc.

  • Jacques

    I walked by Meatballs today, and one of the women inside said they are planning an opening (perhaps a soft opening), next Monday, FWIW.

  • Tom

    Proof's spicy little meatballs! Good call on the Little Owl in NYC - they are outstanding.

  • Amy

    The meatballs at Dino are great.

  • nafnaf

    might get thrown out of here, but the meatballs at Carmine's are pretty great

  • Kokos

    I'm a sucker for the meatball sandwich at Vace. Hearty, nicely spiced, covered in a tangy marinara, and served on a crusty Italian sub roll. It's worth the ten minute wait for one.