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Renovation or Expiration? Ray’s the Steaks at East River Suddenly Shutters

Ray's the Steaks at East River (ranked No. 39 on City Paper's list of D.C.'s 44 Most Powerful Restaurants) had raised hopes that a nice sit-down restaurant could actually survive in the culinary dead zone known as Ward 7. Is this trailblazing effort now in jeopardy? Pirate-flag-waving restaurateur Michael Landrum's no-frills steakhouse on Dix Street NE has abruptly closed its doors. WaPo food scribe and Y&H alum Tim Carman has the scoop. A sign on the door attributes the closure to forthcoming renovations and notes: "We eagerly look forward to seeing you soon after re-opening in January 2012." But Carman reports that no work permit has been filed with the city. Landrum declined to comment.

Logo courtesy of Ray's the Steaks East River


  1. #1

    It will be sad if Ray's closes. I spent a lot of time
    and money in Ray's. Ward 7 alway begs and pleas for
    development and then when it comes....very few supports
    it. I hope this is not true! Ray...we need you in Ward 7!

  2. #2

    I hope that it really is just some planned renovations. I've eaten there before, and I like the place.

  3. #3

    Say it isn't so...The Skillet Fried Chicken was to DIE for :-\

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