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Gut Reaction: The McRib Might Make For Decent Airline Food (Maybe)

McRib is Back at McDonald'sOh, the "tangy temptation." Like it or not, the elusive McRib sandwich, which McDonald's somehow chooses to release to the public about as often as God unleashes periodical cicadas, is suddenly available again.

In an unabashed attempt to be as whorishly SEO-friendly as possible this week, Y&H procured a pair of the strangely popular sandwiches from our neighborhood Mickey D's. (Priced at $2.79 a piece in Adams Morgan.)

My initial impression: Is it really so difficult for McDonald's to make these frickin' things? The meat looks oddly similar to the McNugget, only flatter and more rectangular shaped. The toppings, including some slices of onion and a few tart pickles, don't seem that different from those on any other McDonald's sandwich. And that signature "tangy barbecue sauce" the thing is smothered in—undoubtedly the best part of this otherwise unremarkable lunch—tastes the same as the stuff you dip your nuggets in.

On the whole, the flavor reminds me of some semi-decent airline food that I had on British airways back in the mid-'90s. (And I'm not entirely sure what kind of mystery meat that was, either.)

My dining companion (if you can even call this exercise "dining") was far less generous in her assessment, especially noting the unpleasant aftertaste. "I want to wash my mouth out with soap," she concludes. "It is not something I would offer my worst enemy."

Photo by Odochi Ibe

  • Rick

    Shame on you. The McRib is more priceless than any of our lives.

  • Matt

    What do you mean by "might"?

  • Sigmagrrl

    1) What's SEO?
    2) To each their own

  • essaywhuman

    SEO = search engine optimization. it means he's unabashedly trying to get clicks on this article, which is the financial lifeblood of any website, especially media.

  • angie

    I'm obsessed with this sandwich. A strong #2 behind the filet-o-fish

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  • ListenToLeon

    The McRib comes back from the dead more often than Jason Voorhees. From the standpoint of someone who genuinely loves ribs, I had to write about it last year when it made a comeback to area McDonalds restaurants. For the sake of MY SEO, here's that link:

  • Nova Nicoise

    McD's has discovered the success of now-you-see-it-now-you-don't marketing. I bought one the other day. Don't eat more than one in a row. Trust me on that. It's self-limiting, which is good.