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Jaleo’s Proposed Redesign: What Would Salvador Dali Think?

Late yesterday, chef José Andrés' team sent out a link via Twitter to a computer animated YouTube video (embedded below) illustrating the proposed new redesign of his pioneering Penn Quarter tapas joint Jaleo. "We are moving away from the Flamenco dancer and more to a Dali-like, modern, provocative look," Andrés told WaPo critic Tom Sietsema.

What do you think? Would Salvador Dali approve?

  • Matthew


  • LMarkoya

    Looks more like 60's kitsch than Dali. If they want Dali, they can get in touch with me

  • LMarkoya

    Ohhh...and Dali would not even enter as is...I'd almost gaurentee it

  • Native American JD

    Jose Andres has gone off the shallow end.