Young and Hungry

Break Out The Granola: A Look Inside the Food Tent at Occupy DC

"Food Not Bombs," the sign says inside the free food tent at Freedom Plaza during the recent Occupy D.C. protests. Here, a filmmaker interviews one of the volunteers. What are the demonstrators eating? Pretty much what you'd expect. "We keep it pretty much vegetarian—vegan, if we can," the guy says. One item featured in the segment: gluten-free Pop Chips, the kind seasoned with "non-saturated, non-gmo sunflower, safflower and/or canola oil." Perfect. Watch this dude get really stoked about the chips in the video below:

Screen shot via YouTube/DavidFord0401

  • D~

    I hate to have to tell you this dude, but you know all that food you're giving away? Somebody had to buy that, somebody had to have a job and had to have money to pay for that.
    Your movement is sustained on the charity of others... others who have jobs and who are pulling their own weight. Without that, I think your little squatters campground would dissipate pretty quickly.

  • eefefefe

    Most people on the site have jobs (although underemployment is a huge theme). frankly, if they didn't, i'm not sure how that reflects poorly on people as we are in, you know, a recession. which is when people often don't have jobs.

    also, it's an absurd comment. we live in a capitalist system and there's no "outside"--this super christian american weirdness where you can only protest something if you are totally detached from it or you live this ascetic lifestyle (which, if you live, people then call you a hippie) makes absolutely zero sense because if you could organize this protest without a single bit of anything ever having been involved in capitalist exchange, you wouldn't need to have the protest.

  • eefefefe

    also, i've been living down there and it's mostly been meat with a vegan/vegetarian option. most people down there aren't vegans.

  • softrefrain

    Word to everything eefefefe just said.

  • Andrea

    And why is it bad if people have given them food or money to carry on? God knows, the superrich give plenty of money to people like Michele Bachmann- who ostensibly has a job- but missed over 100 votes in the House during her time wasting campaign. I know I'd get fired if I showed up as little as she did

  • micha

    There's no need to mock the protestors - they are out there representing their thoughts and concerns, which is how a democracy is supposed to work. If you don't want to join, fine, but don't mock them

    And to the author - your implied stereotyping is bs. Don't do that - they're fighting for your civil liberties as well. No need to hamper the movement - however ineffective you may think it is. Do something else productive if you don't like it but don't make them out to be "dirt hippies." Is that useful?

  • Nova Nicoise

    What Andrea said...the amount of money wasted on the current crop 'o clowns like Bachmann is staggering, think what good it could do.