Young and Hungry

It’s D.C. Wine Week! Here’s Video of the Promoters Getting a Little Slaphappy Over a Glass or Two

The inaugural D.C. Wine Week kicks off Saturday night with an opening party at Sonoma. Capitol Hill's pioneering wine bar has apparently tried to step up its game on the vino front since Y&H last visited, hiring new GM and sommelier Patricia Ely, formerly of Bourbon Steak and Redwood in Bethesda. Glass-clinking events to follow include toasts and tastings at Bourbon Steak, Dino, Coco Sala, Urbana and One Lounge. Get the full agenda here.

Is it the anticipation that has organizers Lisa Byrne of D.C. Event Junkie and Vanessa French seeming so tipsy in the following promotional video? Or just the wine?

Video courtesy of YouTube

  • Lisa Byrne

    Drunk after half a glass of wine? You just haven't met me yet, Chris 😉

  • Joe Zuccaro


    No my two DC vixens... You're not drunk until they videotape you both clenching your fists and damning me for moving to Baltimore.