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Eleanor Holmes Norton Wishes D.C. Had Better Representation (In The Escargot Department)

"The bane of my existence is that I cannot find a restaurant in D.C. that serves escargots as the French make them: in butter and shells. I have found restaurants in Washington that serve escargots, but they don’t do it right. They put their own tilt on it. I would have a favorite restaurant if there were more restaurants that did escargots the way the French do it. Every time I look and they don’t have escargots, I’m crestfallen."—D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, giving her critique to WaPo critic Tom Sietsema in his Fall Dining Guide

Photo via the Online Guide to House Members and Senators


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    Bistro La Bonne on U St does the escargot like she describes. maybe with a touch of garlic.

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