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Here’s Why Chinatown Restaurants Are Not Worried About An NBA Lockout

The potential for an NBA lockout must have Chinatown restaurateurs fretting about tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenues...right?

Eh, not really. WaPo sports blogger Dan Steinberg directs us to this WUSA-TV segment in which the operators of some neighborhood bars and restaurants point out that, well, the Washington Wizards really aren't that big of a draw, anyway.

Why? Simple. The team sucks:  "One restaurant owner said the Caps generate about $45,000 in added revenue on game night. It's the same for the Georgetown Hoyas. She said Wizards fans don't spend as much, perhaps because the team is rebuilding and  doesn't win as much, or draw the sellout crowds."

Photo by Kmf164/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license

  • Gerholdt

    Am I the only one to note the irony of Ruby Tuesday appearing in the photo above? The Center squats atop the former site of Ruby, a restaurant that served ethnic dishes as well as Chinese-American stuff for the tourists. The 'urban renewal' destroyed the nature of the neighborhood, as rising rents drove the original businesses out in favor of national chains. The arch is now a sad memorial for what Chinatown was, and I have no sympathy for the vultures feeding on its gilded corpse.

  • maktoo

    They need not worry because of the swarms of rabid HOCKEY fans that descend on the area!! I've worked in the area for 5+ years, and have rarely seen partying basketball fans. But when there's a Caps game, and you're a non-game-attending local, it's best to find a happy hour elsewhere. No room!