Young and Hungry

LaGanga, Cannabis Cabernet, Indonesia Pale Ale: Stuff To Expect When D.C.’s Medical Marijuana Industry Lights Up

Gourmet examines the future of "medibles," that is, medical marijuana in edible or drinkable form—the sort of culinary innovations that could one day be available here in the District, provided the city's long-stalled medical marijuana program ever takes off.

In other states where the stuff is now legal (sort of), you find all sorts of herb-infused food products, ranging from “High Mountain Trail Mix” to “RedEye Pies” to “LaGanga”—an altogether different spin on vegetarian lasagna.

Author Matthew Kronsberg argues, however, that "even more than at the table, the future of marijuana ingestion may be found at the bar; liquid extracts allow nearly any drink to be infused with cannabis, and beer and winemakers have already begun to embrace the possibilities of fusion." Beer, in particular, is a good match, he adds: "[a]fter all, hops and marijuana are botanically speaking, kissing cousins."

Yes, the District's fledgling brewing industry could have a whole new boutique market to cater to.

Just imagine: DC Brau The Chronic.

  • SmithMcSmithy

    This might be true, but I can say with absolute certainty that the DC medical marijuana growing/distribution system will never ever be allowed to come to fruition, not while we have the Federal Government/DOJ headquartered here. Medi-pot folks are chumps.

  • Martin

    Umm..I just moved here from California. There are no co-ops out there selling cannabis infused drinks (at least not that I'm aware of). I'm a big supporter of medical marijuana but that seems like more of a step back then forward. I mean, you have to really by able to keep it together to handle booze and marijuana at the same time (esp since edibles hit you a lot harder than smokables). That would knock most people on their !@#$!

  • Timothy Ley

    Alcohol is a dangerous, toxic drug. It is the antithesis of cannabis. Cannabis is the only plant that contains cannabinoids. The cannabinoid known as THC is the only drug that mankind takes that increases human sensitivity to the life of another being. All other drugs (except for perhaps LSD) decrease human sensitivity to the life of another being. You already know that there has never been a death from cannabis toxicity. On the other side of the coin there have been numerous deaths attributed to consumption of alcohol and further than that thousands of homicides directly attributed to the fact that the violent killer was intoxicated on alcohol.
    When I really think about it, the idea of mixing alcohol into cannabinoids for human consumption is absolutely Demonic. Turn a natural non toxic medicinal drug into a poison that can kill your body and destroy your mind is so illogical that it can only be classified as stupid. It's like those beer commercials on TV - only a beer intoxicated brain can really appreciate them. Just imagine a typical ad for beer and compare it in your mind for an imagined ad for cannabis. The beer ad will always be silly and insincere and the cannabis ad will always be funny and sincere. One stupid and one smart. One substance of no value for the human body and the other substance a total benefit to the human body. One causes disease and the other feeds human wellness. I think I've said enough. Fu*k alcohol. Fu*k all toxic drugs that can cause death to a human.