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Boozy Cupcakes: So Hot Right Now

The liquor-loaded confections known as Crunkcakes may no longer be the most potent sweet treat in town. Washingtonian reports on PS7's version called "cuptails," which come "packed with one and a half ounces of alcohol." (By comparison, Crunkcakes, according to Y&H contributor Megan Arellano, each contain about an ounce of booze.) Eating two of PS7's various flavors (ranging from a pumpkin-spiced cake dipped in bourbon to a hazelnut brown butter cake doused with Wild Turkey) is said to pack the same wallop as a standard martini.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Mike

    Dumb dumb dumb. Drink your booze and eat your cupcakes. No need to combine them.

  • dave b

    Can someone do some research into the science of this? I hypothesize that much of the alcohol evaporates out of the cupcake during during the baking process. The batter for one cupcake might have 1.5 ounces of alcohol, but by the time it is finished, it is considerably less.

    Think how wet a cupcake would be if you just dumped a shot on it. Unless these cupcakes are that moist/soggy, I dont buy it.

  • Ash

    Coming soon... Detox cupcakes!

  • Jenny

    Nice picture of the original Crunkcakes...