Young and Hungry

Boundary Stone Opening Tonight In Bloomingdale

New Bloomingdale boite Boundary Stone, arguably the under-served neighborhood's best hope for a decent meal since the shuttering of beleaguered Shaw Tavern, officially opens its doors tonight at 5 p.m. The menu, available online here, promises farm fresh deviled eggs, a Maryland crab roll and a roasted chicken sandwich made with local brew DC Brau. Boundary Stone is located at 116 Rhode Island Ave NW.

Logo courtesy of Boundary Stone

  • Janet

    I love how their logo is a not-too-subtle tribute to Twisted Sister. That is so awesome.

  • sarah

    Note that we have three other really good places serving food, Rustik, Beau Thai and Big Bear - Rustik being right across the street. So there are a few places to grab a good meal, but the more the better!

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